Things are looking up!

It has been a bit exasperating! And it is probably why neither I nor my friends have updated this blog for awhile.

Our carreer center has undergone some changes in personnel, Patty has moved north to Poway, Joanne is gainfully employed and Carolyn is working part time. I am still looking for that perfect job…..

But, as I write this there may be a change in the wind for me.  I received word yesterday that I should expect an offer of employment!  Yippeee!!!

I forwarded by references and now I wait.

Downside: I will have to relocate and see my family on weekends.  Upside:  A new adventure awaits.  I am so excited!

How to prepare:

1.  I have a niece who is a police officer in the city where the corportate offices are. I contacted her to find out what the crime rate was in the area.

2.  I stayed in a hotel twice to get the feel of the city.

Found a Starbucks

Sushi Bar and a Trader Joe’s .  I am all set!

3.Toured three different apartment buildings on my way to the third visit.

4. Met with my career advisor to discuss negotiation tactics.

cost of living….did you know that San Diego’s cost of living is 33% high than the average in the United States, but Orange County’s cost of living is 43% higher?!


The last interview lasted five hours and I met 11 different people from 5 different departments.  They all seemed like great folks that knew their jobs well.  My job would be to help them do them even better!

Will it happen?  I am hopeful!  I would leave Blossom in San Diego and only get to see her on weekends……Realistically, there is still a chance that this offer will fall apart….But, if all the planets align, all the ducks are in a row and all the rest of those perfect scenario phrases come true, I will be headed 90 miles north in the next couple of weeks.

Until then…..I am going to Las Vegas for some much needed R&R….Wish me luck!

Posted by Michelle


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